Paint Color Inspiration for a Kitchen with Dark Cabinets

Paint Color Inspiration for a Kitchen with Dark Cabinets

What is the fastest and most effective way to transform the appearance of your kitchen? One of the best solutions is adding a fresh paint coat on the walls and cabinets. But if you choose the wrong colors, then it can have a negative impact on the overall look and feel of the room.

Dark cabinets can be a statement in the kitchen. At the same time, you must be selective about the specific paint shades you use since they can cause the cabinets to look dingy and outdated. Here are a few things to consider when picking paint colors for your kitchen cabinets and walls:

Best Paint Colors for Dark Wood

If your cabinets are made of dark wood, it’s not necessary to replace them to improve the kitchen’s appearance. One option is to paint the wood. Or, use complimentary paint hues on the walls and trim that match the darker colors on the cabinets:

  • Neutrals: Soften the intensity of dark cabinets by choosing neutral paint hues. This approach can make the room feel more inviting and cozier. Warm hues, such as ivory and sand, help to pull out the warmth in the wood. Or choose cool undertones in a neutral hue if your kitchen has cool-toned wood cabinets. Various shades of light gray can look great and open up the space.
  • White: A bold white can be striking because it contrasts against the dark colors in the cabinets. Many modern-style kitchens use this combination of dark wood and bright white paint colors.
  • Bright: Even though it seems daring, you can make a statement with bright colors because the intensity is softened by the wood. Add a little personality to your kitchen with a brighter hue like green or red.

Will Dark Paint Make the Kitchen Look Small?

One risk of choosing the wrong paint color is that certain dark hues might make the room feel small and cramped. Every family wants to enjoy a beautiful and expansive kitchen, which is why it’s critical to choose paint shades that contribute to the overall appearance that you desire.

With the right approach, dark paint colors might be used to expand the visual appearance of a small kitchen. One common method is using two paint colors for the cabinets. For example, put the darker paint on the lower cabinets, then use a lighter hue for the upper cabinets. Or another option is to take out the upper cabinets and replace them with floating, open-air shelving for a modern look.

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