4 Tips for Removing Wallpaper Before Painting

4 Tips for Removing Wallpaper Before Painting

Are you ready to rip down the wallpaper and add a fresh coat of paint? The truth is that wallpaper removal can be a hassle, requiring special equipment and a lot of time to complete. But it’s a necessary step if you want a quality paint job.

For best results, you should never paint over wallpaper or try painting without proper wallpaper removal. Since this process can be tedious, most homeowners choose to hire an expert team instead of attempting a DIY approach.

Why Pro Services for Wallpaper Removal

Keep in mind that wallpaper is designed to adhere to the walls indefinitely, which is why it is so difficult to remove. Without the proper tools and technique, there is a risk that you will either leave adhesive behind on the wall surfaces or cause damage to the walls.

In fact, a seemingly simple DIY project to remove the wallpaper and repaint the walls can become an expensive mistake if the walls are damaged. If you accidentally take off the outer surface of the wall, then you will need to invest in rebuilding or restoration before you can start painting. The easiest way to avoid these issues is by hiring professional painters to do the work for you.

How to Remove Wallpaper Before Painting

Here are a few best practices for removing wallpaper before painting:

  1. Test a Corner: Before diving into the project, test a small section of the wall in an inconspicuous place. Use a scraper to see how easy it is to remove the paper from the wall. This test will give you an idea of what to expect for the rest of the project.
  2. Check the Installation: Certain types of wallpaper are “strippable,” which means that they are easy to pull away by gently tugging down. If this is the case, it might be simpler to get rid of the wallpaper because you don’t have to worry about adhesive being left behind on the walls.
  3. Soften Before Removal: Standard wallpaper paste should always be softened first so you can get the wallpaper off faster and cleaner. Apply a liquid detergent and warm water 5 – 10 minutes in advance, then gently use a scraper to lift the paper off the wall.
  4. Other Methods: Sometimes steaming or chemicals are the best solutions for removing the wallpaper and adhesive.

The best solution for wallpaper removal and painting is to call Vivify Painting for help. Contact us to discuss the residential and commercial services that we offer: (951) 775-7522.