The Importance of Proper Surface Preparation in Commercial Painting Projects

When it’s time for a fresh coat of paint, this project requires much more than a paintbrush and a quick application of new paint on the outer surface. The truth is that the cleaning and preparation of the surface will have an undeniable impact on the durability of your new paint.

So, before you dive into a painting project, consider what needs to be done for proper surface preparation.

Cleaning and Treating to Avoid Surface Contamination

First of all, potential contamination on the surface can have a negative impact on the durability of the paint. Always make sure that the surfaces are clean, and prepare by removing any contamination before getting started on the painting project.

Removing old paint is one necessary step. If you paint over the old paint, it increases the risk of the new paint cracking and becoming damaged prematurely. Cracks in the current surface will typically result in cracks developing in the new surface as well.

Using the Right Tools

One essential method for avoiding cross-contamination is using the right tools for the job. Never reuse materials that were used with solvents or problematic materials. If the rollers, brushes, or other tools are cross-contaminated, then it could cause issues in the quality of the paint going forward.

Choose the Best Time of the Year

The truth is that painting can be done any time of year, especially if you are working on interior projects. But you need to be a little more selective about temperature and weather conditions when you are applying high-performance paints.

These products often have an optimum temperature application range. Check on the requirements and do the best you can to pick project times based on the recommendation from the paint manufacturer.

What Happens If You Don’t Prepare the Surface?

It can feel like a lot of work to sand down the wall and prepare the surface before painting. But it’s worth the effort to ensure the performance of the paint and reduce the risk of issues in the future.

The truth is that surface preparation is often seen as the most important factor before painting. You need the paint to adhere to the surface, and surface preparation plays a role in ensuring quality results. In addition to getting rid of undesirable contaminants, preparation is also beneficial for introducing a suitable profile for the new coat of paint.

Expert Painting Advice for Quality Results

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