5 Paint Colors for the Office to Increase Productivity

Do you feel like your office needs a revamp? Now that the Winter has ended, maybe an office makeover will help spring your staff into Spring with a jolt of energy and productivity. What paint colors are considered the best for increased productivity? Let’s find out.

5 Paint Colors for the Office

Did you know that the color of your walls can change your productivity throughout the day? For example, you are likely more tired and sluggish if you feel dark and dreary. In contrast, if you feel light and airy, you may be more determined to zip through your to-do list.

Consider a few of these paint colors for increased productivity:

  1. Bold Colors: Bold reds and oranges can be great for bringing the energy level up. The only problem is that using the color to paint a whole office may be a bit much. So instead, consider an accent wall or a stripe to implement these fun colors into your design esthetic without being overwhelming.
  2. Earthy Green: If you would like a color that isn’t so bold but still brings the productivity up, you can consider sage green. Instead of painting a bold, dark color throughout the office that may get old after a few weeks, choose a soft green that will bring the natural colors of the outdoors inside.
  3. Light Blue: A neutral color like light blue will go with your décor while providing a cool, collected feeling to your office. When you’re calm in your work environment, you will find that you can continue working without knowing where the time went.
  4. Cream or Beige: Choose a cream or beige for a full-on neutral that allows for pops of colors in the decorations, such as a painting, throw pillows, or pictures. The cream color will last for years with the varying trends and increase productivity simultaneously.
  5. Favorite Color: The truth is that if you pick a color for your office that makes you happy, you will automatically work more efficiently because your mood is cheerful. This may not work for a group office since everyone prefers different colors. But if you are painting a home office or an individual office, go for the sea green that reminds you of the beach. Or choose a lilac purple that will put a smile on your face from the moment you walk in the door.

You don’t have to worry about making the wrong paint choices when you have an experienced team by your side. Listen to our experts when it comes to office trends and paint colors that will increase productivity.

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