Painting Affects the Size of a Room

Painting Affects the Size of a Room

Did you know that you can make the size of a room look bigger without moving the walls? Even if the square footage remains the same, the paint, furniture, and décor items undeniably impact the room’s overall look and feel.

In fact, paint can be used strategically to change the shape and size of a room. When you adjust the texture and colors, then it shifts the perspective when someone walks into the room. As a result, there’s no need to knock down walls or build an addition. Instead, use paint to change the room and create a more comfortable space.

Here are a few interior painting tips to consider:

Making a Room Look Bigger

Choose lighter paint colors, so the room looks more spacious. If you work with a smaller area, such as bathrooms, hallways, or tiny bedrooms, stick with colors such as tan, beige, gray, or pastel.

One option is to elongate the room by painting an accent color on the far wall. Paint on the ceiling can also create an elongation effect. Another possibility is to add a chair rail, then use a lighter paint color on the chair rail – which helps to lengthen the horizontal perspective of the room.

Chair rails can also help make the room feel wider. Just make sure that the paint color above the chair rail is lighter than the paint color of the chair rail.

Making a Room Look Smaller

Most people don’t want to make a room look smaller. But options are available if you want to make it seem a little narrower or cozy.

Adding dark paint to the room will always make it look more closed-off. Also, consider how the lighting works with the paint colors. If you have a larger space, you might be bold by adding a statement wall or darker colors throughout the room.

Paint sheen also plays a role in how big the room feels. For example, if you go with a muted sheen, there won’t be much light reflection. Consider the natural light as well as the lighting from lamps and overhead fixtures.

Expert Interior Painting Services

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