Summer Maintenance: Preserving Your Home’s Exterior Paint

Summer Maintenance Preserving Your Home's Exterior Paint

An exterior paint job is a great way to make your home look nice and also protect your real estate investment at the same time. But if you are putting time and money into painting the exterior of your home, then make sure that you are proactive about the details that will ensure the durability of the new paint.

Here are a few important tips that help to preserve the quality of your exterior paint job:

Prepare Before Painting

To an untrained homeowner, pulling out a can of paint and a paint roller might seem simple. But the truth is that preparatory work determines how well your paint will be preserved in the coming years.

Always clean the exterior walls thoroughly before cleaning. Dust everything and even consider soft washing to clean the surfaces in advance.

Look for Repair Needs

Don’t paint over spots that need to be repaired. The best solution is to complete a thorough inspection to identify any areas that need patching or repairs. This these problems first, then add a coat of paint to help you avoid more expensive damage repairs down the road.

One necessary part of maintenance is to address any visible stains. For example, moisture might interact with building materials, causing staining. Use stain-removal strategies to prevent the stain from showing through the new layer of paint. Additionally, fix the underlying problems so the stains don’t come back.

Also, make sure to remove any mildew or mold before painting. If you paint over these issues, it can lead to serious issues in the future. Solve the mold problem right now, then add a layer of paint to prevent mold from coming back again.

Fix the Gutters

One key to protecting your new paint is to make sure that water is running off the house effectively. The gutters play a crucial role in preventing issues that can affect the quality of your paint. Make sure the gutters are clean, sturdy, and positioned correctly.

If needed, consider calling a roofing expert to inspect and repair the gutters before you move forward with the painting project. This two-step process can deliver the quality results that you deserve.

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