What Is Sheen?

What Is Sheen?

When choosing paint for your home or office, you not only need to look at the color options but also consider the sheen. These details might seem simple, but they can make a big difference in the overall outcome of your paint job.

What You Need to Know About Sheen

The word “sheen” refers to the level of shine or gloss in the paint. It’s a method to measure the amount of light reflecting off the paint’s surface. As you look at each type of paint, you’ll see that sheen is measured between 0 and 100 gloss units.

Sheen has different terms to indicate the reflection of the paint, such as:

  • Matte
  • Flat
  • Satin
  • Low luster
  • Semi-gloss
  • Gloss

For example, if you choose a paint with a flat sheen, it means that the gloss level is low – likely between 2 – 6 gloss units. On the other hand, a gloss sheen has a reflection, and the measurement ranges between 80 and 90 units.

It’s important to note that there aren’t any specific industry standards for the gloss amounts and sheen names. So, the level of gloss will vary depending on the brand you choose.

Why Sheen Matters

The sheen of your paint will have an undeniable impact on the aesthetic outcome of the room. Additionally, sheen can affect the durability of the paint. Shinier coatings tend to have better durability and are more resistant to common issues like stains or dirt marks.

A simple explanation is if you were to compare a chalkboard surface to a glass surface. The chalkboard is like a lower sheen paint, with a more porous surface that has a bit of roughness to it. If you put something on the surface, it can absorb the dirt, making it harder to clean. On the other hand, high sheen paint is more like glass where you can easily wipe anything off the surface, and it’s resistant to contaminants getting trapped.

Higher Sheen for the Best Quality Paint

You want the walls in your home to look good and have long-lasting durability, which is why it’s wise to look at the sheen rating of the paint. But too much gloss doesn’t look great from an aesthetic perspective. So, the most popular types of paint for walls tend to have more of a matte texture, with semi-gloss or gloss sheen on the trim, doors, and more.

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